How To Write A Business Plan For Free

Writing a business plan with Enloop's free business plan software is easy. Just sign up for a Free subscription to the business plan software.


Free Business Plan 

We offer two types of subscriptions: free and paid.

The Free subscription level of the Enloop Business Plan Writing software is always free. We’ll only ask you for a user name and password to create your Enloop account. We do not ask for credit card information and no billing is involved. You can always upgrade to a paid level subscription to access advanced features.

With a Free business plan subscription you'll be able to create one business plan with annual financial forecasts. If you want access to Enloop's advanced business plan writing features, you can upgrade at any time to either a recurring Monthly or Annual (40% discount!) subscription. See the full list of features for Enloop's automated business plan writing software.

Paid subscription levels give you access to a number of advanced features that can help you simplify and automate writing and a managing your business plan, such as automatically generating your company's financial ratios (or KPI); automatically generating, updating and managing your business plan text; sharing your business plans; setting your country's currency symbol in your business plan; and seeing your Business Plan Score in real-time.


How to Write a Business Plan

To write your business plan, simply login to your account and move through each of the sections one at a time. You'll find a lot of help in each section that will make writing your business plan easy.


Help for Writing Business Plans

Each section includes helpful instructions, definitions and explanations of each business plan topic:

  • On-Screen Help: You'll see on-screen help for each section of the business plan. At the top of each page you'll find a link called 'How This Section Works'. Clicking on the link pops up a window that gives you a clear explanation of what each section of the business plan is about and what you should include in your business plan.
  • Help Icons: All data entry sections include a Help icon that looks like a blue question mark inside a circle. Clicking on any of the help icons pops up an explanation of the topic and simple instructions on how you should think about the topic.
  • Help Section: In the upper right corner of every page is a Help icon that looks like a question mark. Clicking on the Help icon will take you to our Help pages where you can search for any topic.


Business Plan Preview 

You can view how your business plan will look by clicking on the Preview button at any time.

When you're in the Preview section, clicking on any area of the business plan preview will take you to that particular section.


Business Plan Download

You can download a PDF file of your business plan at any time by clicking on the Download button. After the file downloads to your device, you should rename and save the file to more easily find the file later.