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An online business plan writing and financial forecasting app to create and manage your business plans

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Business plans and financial forecasting are hard.

We make them easy.

Here's how Enloop works.

Add your business info

Enter your company information into each section. You can choose from over 100 currency symbols and formats to setup your financial reports for your local currency. Invite your team. It's fun.

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Let the app generate your text

We generate basic text for each section of your plan. You can edit the text, add images, tables and even insert financial forecast data into your text that updates automatically whenever you change your financials. An amazing timesaver.

enloop autogenerated text

Review your automatically generated financial forecasts

We automatically generate financial forecasts as bank-ready reports in your business plan. We do the hard accounting work for you and explain everything in simple terms.

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Watch your score improve

We display a real-time score that helps you improve your plan. Your score changes as you work your way through each section, increasing as you improve your plan. Like a built-in mentor.

enloop eps score

Compare your forecasts to your peers

We generate 16 critical financial ratios to analyze performance. Then we compare your ratios against your industry's averages, uncovering costly problems before they're real. Your very own crystal ball.

enloop finanacial ratios

Repeat. Improve. Maintain.

Edit, revise and download your plans as much as you want to create a perfect roadmap forward for your business. Then update your plans quarterly to identify and correct future problems before they happen.

See for yourself.

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