Behind every successful company is a solid business plan

Enloop is the best business plan writing software to forecast your success

The Enloop financial forecasting and business plan writing software is a practical tool that makes business planning easy and collaborative.

With Enloop you can quickly create a complete business plan with text and financial forecasts that are generated for you. Your plans are maintained securely online so you can return and edit them anytime.

Enloop is a safe place to test your forecasts. The app provides useful reality checks built in, with helpful tools like a predictive score; side-by-side industry average comparisons; a report card; and self-generating text and financials that automatically update whenever you make changes to your data. Practical stuff to help you quickly create a plan that's also a decision-making tool.

Enloop was created by CEO and founder Cynthia K. McCahon to give business owners, entrepreneurs, accountants, lenders, investors and students a way to vet business ideas -- a fair warning system for the world's entrepreneurs. Cynthia is a three-time tech founder, small business advocate and author.