How To Write A Business Plan - Auto Write

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Getting Started - Automatically Write A Business Plan


In this business plan video, we’re going to have a look at Enloop’s super helpful feature called Auto Write, which helps you automate one of the more tedious tasks of writing a business plan.


Frustrating. Time-consuming. Annoying.


When you're writing a business plan one of the hardest tasks is to know what to write in each section. If you’re just writing a business plan in a text editor, your text is not automatically synced with your financial data so you have to constantly go back and forth manually editing your text every time you change any of your information. And that's painful. But wouldn't it be great if there was a way to sync your text with your data so your text would automatically update for you in real time?


How To Auto Write Your Business Plans


That's what Auto Write does. In each section of the Enloop Business Plan app, will ask you to enter information about your company. Then at the end of each section you'll see a text editor where you'll manage your text for that section. In preview mode, you'll see that Enloop has inserted a paragraph of customized text that summarizes the information you added for that section.


Your Business Plan Text Updates Automatically


And when you make changes to any of your inputs in any of the sections the text updates with those changes so you don't have to go back and revise your text manually. And that's awesome because that's one less tedious thing for you to worry about.

And you'll see the data areas as blue bubbles in your text. The data areas convert to actual text whenever you're in preview mode and, of course, in your PDF document. 


Keep The Auto Write, Edit it, or Remove It


You can choose to keep the AutoWrite text as it is and, if you do, AutoWrite provides enough text to create a basic business plan that requires no additional writing. But we suggest that you add text in each section.


Insert Your Customized Data Metrics Into Any Text


You can insert over 100 of your customized data metrics directly into any text that you write. It's easy. Just click in the text editor at the place you want to insert a data bubble, then come over to the right side of the screen where all the data bubbles are listed, then just click on the data metric you want to insert into your text. And that's it. Now that data will be updated in real time whenever you make any changes to your sections.


Easily Manage Your Business Plans


Enloop’s auto write feature is an enormous time saver that can help you quickly write and rewrite your business plan in a fraction of the time you would have otherwise spent. If you've not yet registered for our 7-day free trial, give it a try!



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