How To Share A Business Plan

With Enloop's online business plan writing app, you can invite anyone to collaborate on business plans by using the 'Invite & Share' feature.


How To Invite People To A Business Plan

Just login to your account and open the business plan you want to share. You can send an invitation from the Basic Info/Share section.

The invited user will receive an email invitation with a link to register for Enloop's Business Plan software. The invited user must register using the email address provided when the invitation was sent.The invited user can subscribe to either the 7-day free trial or purchase a paid subscription. After registering, the user can login to the account associated with that email. They'll see the shared business plan in their list of business plans on the Add A Company page, in a section toward the bottom called Shared Business Plans.

This is what the Invite & Share form looks like in the Share section of the business plan:

How To Share An Enloop Business Plan

What Features Do Invited Users Have?

Invited users have access to the same features as the plan owner for the business plan they're sharing.

When invited users join, they create their own separate account. They can also create other business plans in their account, which they own. Business plans they own will have the feature set for their selected subscription level. 


Uninviting Collaborators

Business plan owners can uninvite users at any time by removing them from the Shared section of the business plan.


Who's the Owner?

Only the account owner of the business plan can invite or uninvite others to access business plans.


Can People I Invite See or Change My Account Information?

No. Invited collaborators do not have any administrative privileges to the owner's account and cannot access any information other than the business plan they're invited to view. Invited users cannot change the owner's account and cannot view account information.

People you invite can only access the business plans they were invited to view. They won’t see any of your other plans, unless you invite them from within those other plans.