How To Automatically Write A Business Plan

Enloop’s Business Plan Creator ground-breaking AutoWrite™ and TextSync™ features automatically generate basic, customized text for eight sections of your business plan. The text includes real-time data from your financial forecasts embedded right in the sentences, syncing your text with your data and keeping your text up-to-date all the time.

This helpful feature saves you from the tedious task of manually updating your business plan text every time you make changes to your business time. A real time-saver!



How To Easily and Quickly Write Your Business Plan

Enloop prepares and updates customized text for you automatically, on-the-fly, keeping your text in-sync with your financial forecasts as you make changes to your plans. You can use this text as is or you can edit the AutoWrite™ text as you like. You can add any amount of your own text and you can format all of this text with Enloop's rich text editor. You can also insert over 100 different data metrics directly into any text that you write. Any data that you insert into your text will always be synced with your financial forecast, automatically. These are proprietary technologies developed by Enloop.

These features save you an enormous amount of time in not having to manually write--or update--this text yourself, ever again. They're ingenious time-savers and are available only at Enloop.


How to get the AutoWrite™ and TextSync™ features

Enloop automatically generates basic, customized text with embedded data and inserts that text right into each section of your business plan. This text is placed at the top of the text editor for eight sections of your plan. The text is customized to describe your company's financial forecasts for each specific section. If you have existing text that you placed in the text editor of any section before upgrading, that text remains unchanged and the AutoWrite™ text is inserted above your existing text.


What text and data are inserted into a business plan?

Enloop automatically generates text with embedded data for eight sections of your business plan. You can see examples of the actual text for each section and you can also review a list of the 100+ data metrics that are inserted into your text. Here are the sections that can be automatically managed using Enloop's AutoWrite™ and TextSync™ features:

  • Business Idea section 
  • Product & Sales section 
  • Marketing section 
  • Management Bios section 
  • Personnel & Payroll section 
  • Financial Information section 
  • Profit & Loss Forecast section 
  • Cash Flow Forecast section 
  • Balance Sheet Forecast section 


How AutoWrite™ Works in a Business Plan

When you’re writing a business plan, one of the hardest tasks is in knowing how to write text that summarizes the financial information of your business plan so it’s easy for loan underwriters and investors to read. Enloop’s proprietary AutoWrite™ feature solves this problem by using a sophisticated text generation technology we invented that turns your financial data into grammatically correct sentences, written in a way loan underwriters and investors expect.

AutoWrite™ doesn’t generate any creative or qualitative text, just the facts of your business plan. You can then edit and format endlessly using Enloop's text editor.


How TextSync™ Works in a Business Plan

The real-time data that Enloop automatically embeds in your text is Enloop's proprietary TextSync™ technology. In addition to Enloop including TextSync™ in your automatically generated text, you can also insert over 100 different metrics into any text that you write. While you’re in edit mode, the TextSync™ appears as blue data bubbles in your text. Whenever you make a change to your financial forecasts, all of your data updates automatically in your text, on-the-fly.

You simply place your cursor where you want the data to appear in your text, then click on the metric you want to insert from the list of available metrics on the right. When you switch to preview mode, those blue data bubbles change to actual text within the sentence...but with the data now embedded in the sentence. The sentence then always updates automatically, in real-time, whenever you change the data in your business plan.

Enloop manages this entirely for you, saving you from the tedious task of having to edit all of your text every time you change your plan or forecasts.


Formatting Business Plan Text with the Text Editor

Enloop has a fantastic rich text editor that allows you to format the automatically generated text. You can insert an unlimited amount of your own text. You can also insert tables, images and even copy & paste from other web pages directly into your business plan. You can format all of this text any way you want, including the AutoWrite™ text we generate for you. You have complete control over how your text appears in your business plan document.


Re-generating AutoWrite™

If you delete the AutoWrite™ text, you can re-generate at any time by clicking on the red Reset button. Use caution when Resetting, as all text in that section will be replaced with AutoWrite™ text. You will lose anything you've written yourself. We recommend copying & pasting your text into another text editor to save your text before using the Reset button.