Sync Business Plan Text with Financial Forecasts

Posted on November 14, 2012  |  Written by

Hello TextSync™!

We here at Enloop love to build ingenious technologies that help you write and manage your business plan documents. Now we've just released our new, proprietary TextSync™ feature, which lets you plug over 100 different real-time financial data metrics from your business plan's financial forecasts directly into any text you write. This keeps your text always in-sync with your financial forecasts, so you never have to manually edit that text to update your numbers. Ever!

How TextSync™ Helps You Write Your Business Plan

Before we invented TextSync™, writing a business plan meant going back and forth between your text and your financial forecasts, manually editing your text every time you made a change to your financials. The process has always been tedious, inefficient and so…painful. Now, and this is available only at Enloop, you can insert over 100 real-time financial metrics directly into any text you write. This means that your text is always up-to-date with any changes you make to your financials. How modernGet TextSync™ with our Advanced membership level.

Here's a video demo of Enloop’s New TextSync™ feature...