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Cynthia McCahon,CEO,Enloop

Cynthia K. McCahon

Founder and CEO

Air raid sirens are going off, but I don’t feel alarmed. It’s just noon on a Tuesday in San Francisco.

Every week, the city's emergency warning system is tested at precisely noon on Tuesday. All throughout the city, 65 air raid-style sirens wail for 15 seconds, followed by a man’s recorded voice telling us that 'This is a test'. It really gets your attention. In a city that's had its fair share of disasters, San Franciscans appreciate a functioning warning system. Every time I hear the sirens, I’m reassured to know I’ll have fair warning if a tsunami or other disaster is headed our way. I might have time to get myself and my family to a safe place.

My goal in creating the Enloop business plan app was to build a practical warning system for entrepreneurs. The vast majority of small businesses fail within five years. That's an enormous waste of energy and capital worldwide. Why do young businesses fail and how can we help solve that problem? The simple reality is that some businesses are destined to fail. Can we warn them before they become too deeply invested in their venture? Can we give them an indication if their idea is a good idea? I wanted to create a tool that could help decrease business failure rates worldwide by doing just that—giving them fair warning of their likelihood of success and giving them the power to make better decisions in how to…or even whether to…pursue their venture.

Entrepreneurs are a passionate bunch of people. Business ideas can be all-consuming and it’s easy to believe that the only possible outcome is success. Sometimes our bias gets in the way of making realistic forecasts. I created Enloop to be a business plan generator that also provides useful reality checks in the planning process.

Enloop gives people the chance to test their idea on paper, with quantifiable help built-in. Things like a predictive score for your business plan, side-by-side industry average comparisons, a report card, and self-generating text and financials that automatically update whenever you make changes to your data. Practical stuff that helps you quickly create a plan that also serves as a decision-making tool.

Sometimes those rose colored glasses get in our way and it's not easy to make good judgment calls on whether to pursue an idea or let it go. That's where Enloop comes in. You can quantify and vet your business idea in a way that no other business planning software offers. And for free. A fair warning system for the world's entrepreneurs.

Best of success in your ventures -


Cynthia McCahon